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CR01402 - Chemistry A CR 03101

Course Description
"Chemistry is the study of matter and how it changes. This course looks at matter’s composition, properties, and transformations. In this semester, you’ll explore the structure and properties of
matter. You’ll analyze and construct the periodic table of elements. You’ll compare elements based on their atomic structures and relative positions in the periodic table. You will also discuss the chemical bonding taking place in ionic and covalent compounds and metals.
Finally, you’ll predict the outcome of chemical reactions based on the reactants involved. This course looks at matter’s composition, properties, and transformations. In this semester, you will calculate the theoretical quantities of substances involved in a chemical reaction through the study of stoichiometry. You’ll analyze chemical reactions that involve aqueous solutions, acids and bases, and gases. You’ll see how gases respond to changes in pressure, volume, temperature, and quantity through the ideal gas law. You’ll also calculate changes in temperature caused by physical and chemical processes and analyze reactions in terms of bond energies. Finally, you will understand how atoms are changed by the unique processes of radioactive decay, nuclear fusion, and nuclear fission."

Course will be offered August 15, 2020-July 15, 2021
Registration Contact:
Connie Godfrey

Course Code
Content Area
Credit Recovery
Black Hills Online Learning Community
Stephanie Musilek
Course Materials
Electronic - Computer and Internet access. Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point or equivalent. Common household items for labs
Appropriate Grade Levels
9, 10, 11, 12
When Offered
1 Semester (fall) or (spring)
Registration Contact
Name: Connie Godfrey
Phone: (605) 721-4506
Registration Period
Registration for this course is ongoing.