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Frequently Asked Questions

How does registration work?
Schools are responsible for registering students for South Dakota Center for Virtual Education (SDCVE) courses. Students cannot register on their own. Each South Dakota middle and high school that wishes to participate will be issued a unique login and password. From the SDCVE homepage, the school's designated representative (typically a counselor or high school principal) can log in and register students online. Once a school has registered a student, the provider has the option to approve or deny the registration. The school will receive electronic notification of the status of the application. The provider will initiate direct communication with the school at that point.

How do schools access the South Dakota Center for Virtual Education?
To participate in the South Dakota Center for Virtual Education, a school district/attendance center must complete a School Agreement. Email to request a School Agreement.

What is the cost?
Cost depends on the provider, the length of the course, and sometimes the number of students enrolled in a course. Most course offerings fall into a range between $250 and $325 per half-credit course. More detailed information is provided on each course description page.

Who pays?
In general, payment to providers is made from the school district. However, a district can establish policy stating students must pay all or part of course cost before approving a request. Schools may use their state aid to pay for virtual courses the same way they use it for students taking traditional courses.

Is a school required to allow students to take SDCVE courses?
No. Schools have the right to deny a student's request to take a virtual course. For example, a school may determine that a student is not a good candidate for virtual learning. Or a school district may have a policy that prohibits students from taking virtual courses if the course is offered in a traditional classroom setting within the district.

Do students receive credit for courses taken via the SDCVE?
Yes. The course provider issues the number grade for the course to the school. It is then the school's responsibility to issue the letter grade and any credit associated with the course. The SDVE does not grant credit or diplomas.

What is the school/district's responsibility for students taking virtual courses?
Before registering any student for a course, a school must agree to monitor student progress in the course and proctor any related assessments. Schools are required to sign an agreement stating that they understand these requirements. Schools also issue any credit related to the course.

Who provides courses?
There are several approved providers. Providers and courses are approved by the South Dakota Department of Education.

Can students with special needs take online courses?
Yes. Students with special needs may take virtual courses as long as the student, the school, and the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team agree that it is appropriate. School districts work directly with providers to ensure that the course is aligned with the student's instructional program.

What accommodations are available for SDCVE courses?
To learn about accommodations, contact your school's SDCVE contact person.

Can adult students take courses via the SDCVE?
This decision is up to the local school district. Districts are not required to admit any student over the age of 21; however, they are not prohibited from doing so.