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LA01441 - Creative Writing 01104

Course Description
This one-semester elective course is intended as a practical, hands-on guide to help you learn and sharpen your skills as a creative writer. This course has 13 lessons and nine Course Activities. Each lesson contains one or more Lesson Activities. In Creative Writing, you will learn about the scope of creative writing and its genres. You will identify the key elements of prose and poetry. You will look at writing for stage, film, and TV. You will learn about theatrical and film techniques, as well as technical effects that are typically used in electronic media. You will look at writing for younger audiences, for advertising, and journalism. You will learn how the publishing industry works. At key points in this course, you will get to assess your own original writing (either through selfreview against a set of guidelines or by a peer) and revise it before submission to the instructor. You will notice that extended writing tasks are typically planned for in the lesson activity and actually written in the course activity that follows. This is a writing intensive course. You will spend about 60 percent of your time doing original writing, reviewing, and rewriting. You will do a good deal of your original writing in the course activities.

Course will be offered August 15, 2020-July 15, 2021
Registration Contact:
Connie Godfrey

Course Code
Content Area
Language Arts
Black Hills Online Learning Community
Michelle Mehlberg
Course Materials
Electronic - Computer and Internet access. Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point or equivalent. All materials provided within the course
Appropriate Grade Levels
9, 10, 11, 12
When Offered
1 Semester (fall) or (spring)
Registration Contact
Name: Connie Godfrey
Phone: (605) 721-4506
Registration Period
Registration for this course is ongoing.