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CR00315 - Chemistry 03101 (S1)

Course Description
Chemistry, S1 is a science course in which students investigate the composition of matter and the physical and chemical changes it undergoes. Units of Study include: The Nature and Processes of Science; Matter, Atomic Structure, and the Periodic Table; Chemical Bonding and Molecules; Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry; The Kinetic Molecular Theory and States of Matter; and Water and Solutions. Each unit contains several chapters that are first presented by a warm up that helps the student get ready for the lesson. This is followed by the instruction and summary that explains and discusses the lesson. Then there is an assignment that reviews and connects the lesson to what was learned and finally a quiz to evaluate mastery of the chapter. Each unit contains a virtual lab that allows the student to investigate the content of the unit. The online course also includes audio resources that can "read" content to students along with 17 different language translation options. Students will take a diagnostic pre-assessment prior to beginning each lesson and do not need to re-take those lessons where they demonstrate the ability to meet standards. This course is offered as a credit recovery option with teachers located in South Dakota.
Course Code
Content Area
Credit Recovery
To Be Determined
Algebra I. Students will need a scientific calculator.
Course Materials
Appropriate Grade Levels
11, 12
When Offered
Registration Contact
Name: Karen Peters
Phone: (605) 337-3178
Registration Period
Registration for this course is ongoing.
Other Notes
This is a credit recovery course.