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LA00074 - AP English Language and Composition 01005

Course Description

E-Learning Center courses are provided tuition-free to S.D. public schools; schools are asked to provide texts per local policies. This course is created and delivered by a South Dakota certified teacher.
Following the College Board’s suggested curriculum designed to parallel college-level English courses, AP English Language and Composition courses expose students to prose written in a variety of periods, audience, and the subject at hand, and through them, students learn to develop stylistic flexibility as they write compositions covering a variety of subjects that are intended for various purposes.

Course Code
Content Area
Language Arts
E-learning Center, NSU
Megan Baule

Before taking AP English Language & Composition, all students should complete two or three years of secondary English Language Arts designed for college-bound students, courses in which they study the writing process of brainstorming, pre-writing, drafting, editing, and revision. Students must have a strong base in critical reading, particularly reading for information. Students must also grasp the concepts of grammar, demonstrating that understanding in their writing. A level of and use of a high-level vocabulary will be pertinent to their success in the course. Students will need an understanding of the art of rhetoric, the techniques authors use to portray their position.

Course Materials
Combination of electronic and hard copy
Appropriate Grade Levels
11, 12
When Offered
2 Semesters/Year-long
No Tuition Fee
Registration Contact
Name: Erin Bacon
Phone: (605) 626-3382
Registration Period
Registration is closed as of 6/1/2023 11:00 AM.