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Provider Responsibilities

The South Dakota Department of Education approves course providers for the South Dakota Center for Virtual Education.

Providers are responsible for managing South Dakota Center for Virtual Education courses and course registrations. They also provide support and communication to participating districts.

Providers must submit an annual report to the South Dakota Department of Education that summarizes the type of courses offered, the number and names of districts served, number of course registrations, completion rates, and grade distributions.

To become an approved South Dakota Center for Virtual Education provider, applicants must meet the requirements and criteria outlined in ARSD 24:43:12:01 .

Additionally, providers must:

  • Provide letters of reference
  • Be financially sound
  • Have liability insurance
  • Provide course material that is available 24/7
  • Meet all applicable federal, state, and local health, safety, and civil rights laws
  • Ensure that all individuals who will interact with students receive background checks pursuant to procedures set forth in South Dakota Codified Law 13-10-12 .
  • Provide parents/guardians and schools with current information on student progress. Achievement reporting will be consistent with local district policies and timelines.
  • In the case of a student with disabilities, coordinate with the school district to assure that instruction is consistent with the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) under section 614(d) of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  • Enter into an agreement with the South Dakota Department of Education that includes:
    • Timetable for course achievement
    • Description of instructional format(s)
    • Description of how parents/guardians and the school district will be regularly informed of student progress
    • Provisions for the termination of such agreement
    • Compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    • Qualifications of staff responsible for delivery of instructional program

The South Dakota Department of Education contracts with an external organization to monitor the effectiveness of approved providers. Approved providers are made aware of the requirements of the evaluation system.

Interested in Becoming an SDCVE Provider?